These paintings were commissioned by Buddhist practitioners. We dialogued throughout the creative process. I am happy to follow traditional iconography or to depart from tradition as requested. Works often include elements of personal significance. For example, Prajnaparamita's seahorses are not a traditional symbol, but are there for personal inspiration, and in a painting of Amoghasiddhi, Buddha of the North, (not shown here) I was asked to include the Pole Star and the northern constellations.

Painting: Simhamukha-Lion headed dakini

Simhamukha (2008)
Acrylic on canvas board
Approx A3 size

Painting: Four-armed Avalokitesvara

Four-armed Avalokitesvara (1998)
Gouache on paper 27cm x 36cm
High quality download

Painting: Vajrapani

Wrathful Vajrapani (2002/3)
Oil on canvas
85cm x 59cm

Painting: Prajnaparamita

Prajnaparamita (2003)
Acrylic on card
40cm x 25cm
Close up of figure