Artist’s Statement

My first artistic discipline was architecture. Feeling disillusioned with school science studies I hoped that the study of architecture would bring together the creative intuition of artistic sensibility with the mathematical clarity of scientific analysis. I studied architecture at Cambridge University. I was one of the first cohort of women admitted to the previously all male Kings College. This proved to be a character building experience, a character which later needed some dismantling. Architecture, the "Mother of the Arts" provided a comprehensive foundation for later artistic practice. I particularly value having learnt how to think spatially and how to analyze form and structure. Visuddhimati

After several years as a working architect, I realised I needed to satisfy inner promptings towards different forms of creativity. This led to a gradual transition from architecture to art practice. The transitional process included a part time Fine Art degree at St Albans, specialising in painting and print making. The course emphasis on life drawing as a basis suited me. The approach taken encouraged development of a sense of touch. The physicality and tactile qualities of drawing are key aspects of my working method. My subjective sensed experience of the world has more to it than the purely visual aspect. My use of expressive visual language is informed through touch, texture, surface and gesture and the interplay of the imagination with perceived objects. Visuddhimati

I am a keen meditator and Qi Gong practitioner. I am fascinated by how energy manifests and how it is embodied. I find it essential to enter more deeply into sensed experience in an attempt to understand embodiment. This is particularly urgent in our technological modern world where it is all too easy to disconnect from our actual experience. When I'm not painting I teach Buddhist meditation at the North London Buddhist Centre. I consider both meditation and art practice to be tools for the development of awareness of my human experience. And through understanding that experience more and more as I make work, that helps reveal a meaning in our shared humanity.