For as long as I can remember I've been intrigued by beasties: creatures of the wild, extinct and extraordinary animals of ancient times, the dinosaurs and dodos; the marvellous creations of storytellers, unicorns and dragons. Old bestiaries make no distinction between real live animals like elephants or rhinocerosus and mythical creatures such as unicorns and gryphons. The basilisk and the bee are given equal consideration in one medieval bestiary. I like the interplay between actual and imaginary beasts. Which is more real to me now: the tiny chameleon I adopted briefly as a pet during my African childhood or the winged dragon I conjure in my imagination?

Painting: Dragon of Earth and Ocean

Dragon of Earth and Ocean (2010)
Oil Pastel, Graphite and Gouache
Approx A4

Painting: 3 Seahorses

Three Seahorses (2010)
Oil Pastel, gouache and pigment on paper
Approx A4

Painting: Unicorn

Ink wash and wax
Sketchbook study 2008

Collage: Dragon Lion

Dragon Lion of Earth and Alchemy 2010
Charcoal, pigment and wash on hand coloured ground