Female Buddhas — Dakinis

Dakini loosely translates as “sky-dancer”. Dakinis are female Buddhas symbolising complete freedom and enlightened energy.

The first set of images below follow traditional iconography. The elements of the image are codes carrying specific meaning. On first impression, this symbolism may appear quite alien to a Westerner and may even carry unintended meanings. Researching the traditional meaning will unpack the code.

I recommend contemplating the images and noticing intuitive responses to the forms and colours whilst reflecting on the freedom of dancing in the wide open sky

Sketch: Vajrayogini

Vajrayogini (2014)
Mixed media on watercolour paper
25cm x 25cm

Sketch: Vajravarahi

Vajravarahi (1995)
Sketchbook study
Gouache and gold pen
28cm x 20cm

Dakini miniature on Bodhi leaf

Vajrayogini (2007)
Miniature painting
Acrylic, glass beads and gold lustre on Bodhi leaf on card
25cm x 27cm
Giclee prints available
Limited edition of 21 for sale

Collage: Dakini

Queen of Vajra Space (2001)
Collage, cut out, tissue,
paint, pencil on card

The images below explore dakini energy in non traditional forms.

Collage: Dancer

Dancer (1997)
Collage, oil stick on paper
56cm x 76cm

The working sketch above was made rapidly using materials at hand in the studio. A collagraph plate was constructed using the imagery of this mixed media sketch. A series of monotypes were pulled from this plate. One of these is shown below. The printing process reversed the image. The intention of the picture is to capture and communicate the skybound energy of the dakini breaking free.

Print: Dancer

Earth-gold dancer (1997)
Collagraph print
26cm x 25cm

The golden colour of this unique print is a reference to alchemical symbolism. A golden figure explodes out of the molten red hot heart of the earth. Imagine, beyond the edges of the picture that starry light streams from pointing fingers and toes towards four directions of infinite space.

Print: Night Rider

Night Rider (2010?)
Mixed Media