Drawings — Teapots

These teapots are digital images drawn directly from observation. These are one of the first sets of drawings I made on the iPad. Sketching on the touch screen is opening up exciting new possibilities for my work.

Digital drawing of blue teapot

Blue Teapot
March 2012
Digital drawing

Chinese Metal teapot

Chinese metal teapot
August 2012
Digital drawing

Digital drawing: red teapot

Red Teapot
July 2012
Digital drawing

Digital drawing: Monochrome teapot and jug

Monochrome Teapot and Jug
May 2013
Digital drawing

Digital drawing: Terracotta Teapot

Terracotta Teapot
October 2012
Digital drawing

Digital drawing:Brass teapot

Miniature brass teapot
September 2012
Digital drawing

These images are available as cards or posters to order.