Postcards for Sale

I now have around 30 postcard designs available for sale. Variety packs of any number of cards are available by post at £1.00 per card plus postage with discounts for orders over 25 cards. High quality Prints of some of these popular images are now available here.

Painting: Peaceful Vajrapani

Peaceful Vajrapani II

Painting: Tara

Avalokitesvara’s Tears

Painting: Peaceful Vajrapani

Peaceful Vajrapani

Painting: Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava, Lotus Born Guru

Painting: Four-armed Avalokitesvara

Four-armed Avalokitesvara

Painting: Kshitigarbha


Painting: Bodhisattva and Lotus

Bodhisattva and Lotus

Painting: Facing the Unknown

Facing the Unknown