Innerscapes of the Mind's Eye

Innerscapes are the landscapes of the mind's eye. They are inner worlds conjured by sensory experience and life's magic moments.


Acrylic on card
22.5 x 30.5cm
The realm of Amitabha,
Red Buddha of the west

Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Eternal LIfe is associated with the setting sun. He presides over Sukhavati, the archetypal pure land of bliss.

Digital Doodle of Stupas

Stupa Doodle
Digital drawing
6 Elements:
Earth, water, fire, air, space consciousness

Meditating on the stupa and the six elements creates spaciousness and depth in the mind. This space is as vast as our imagination. The digital stupa doodle explores whether it is possible to evoke this deep space on a screen using light and pixels.

Painting: Wingsail Voyager

Wingsail Voyager
Collage, handmade marbled paper,
ink and wash
38cm x 38cm

Wingsail Voyager is a Crescent Moon boat with sails of wing feathers, inspired by Gautier's poem L'Ile Inconnue read at the funeral of a friend.
...The sail unfurls its wing,
The breeze begins to blow!
The oar's made of ivory,
The flag of silk moire,
A golden helm most fine,
For ballast I have oranges,
For sails, the wings of angels....

Painting: Blue Landscape

Blue Landscape of the Mind
Gouache sketch on paper

A tiny drawing from a meditation diary – blue open space with memories of waves and rain and mountain mists and watery valleys....

Painting: Lake with boat and bluebird

Lake with Boat and Bluebird
Digital finger painting

Forms appearing in a tranquil landscape

There is nothing as luscious as freshly picked summer strawberries bought at a Devon roadside. Here is a work to capture the tangy flavour, using colour and leaf prints to make landscape forms.

Painting: Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields
(May 2011)