Buddha Gallery — Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava is an eighth century Buddhist scholar, adept and meditation master who played a key role in bringing Buddhism to Tibet. He is said to have tamed the local deities and demons through magical powers, binding them by oath to serve and protect the teachings. His life story is an extraordinary epic legend recorded by one of his main female disciples Yeshe Tsogyel. He is the archetypel shaman guru.

Painting: Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava (2016)
Digital Drawing
Created on the iPad
Prints available from the artist

Painting: Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava (2006)
26cm x 27cm
Acrylic paint, glass beads
and gold lustre on card
Giclee print available
Limited edition of 21 for sale

Painting: Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava (2002)
23cm x 28cm
Acrylic paint on card

Painting: Padmasambhava and dakinis

Padmasambhava and Dakinis (Circa 2002)
Detail of lotus shaped painting
Acrylic paint on card

Painting: Nyimer Odzer?Suryapraabha

Nyimer Odzer (Suryaprabha) (2013-2014)
Digital drawing on iPad

Painting: Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava (2014)
Mixed media/digital drawing